Bloom2u florist yang terbaik!

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So hey guys… nie nak citer a bit. Kalau ada korang yang nak cari service flower delivery Kuala Lumpur nya area, ada this one KL florist yang I found the other day. Bloom2U is a local online flower delivery yang also ada cover overseas deliveries. Everything yang you would possible one ada!

From arrangements for all types of themes and occasions, to custom designs and other on demand stylings. Dari hand bouquet wedding sampai birthday nya set pun ada.

Diorang nya website is quite well made. The contents are broken up into several categories macam Occasions, Flower types, Gifts and Gift Baskets, so it makes it easy kalau nak cari either something yang specific or something for those yang always tak sure what they want. But it’s not just flowers jer that Bloom2U carry. They have fruits, home decor, table arrangements, hampers dan quite a lot more lagi.

I scroll through website diorang and I find that gubahan diorang is quite nice (nama nama pun happening gak!). Nampak gaya, it seems macam they ada buat special requests, since they ada mention in their site pasal their main skill is to consult and give ideas and suggestions on apa you boleh cuba buat dengan whatever plans you ada. I guess you can have a chat with them kalau nak. Mana tau kot kot ada yang nak buat special planning nak melamar kat girlfriend dengan bunga banyak banyak right? Haha!

For a KL florist, pricing pun quite reasonable jugak. Sure ada something for every type of budget out there, dari yang berbelas-belas ringgit to the few thousand nya range. Tengok some of the different types they have here!

Memang boleh nampak la that these guys mean business. They’re more than just another random online flower delivery service; they actually nak offer you choices in whatever occasions you may have.

So you guys yang cari service maccam flower delivery Kuala Lumpur nya area, I suggest you consider Bloom2U nie. They seem to buat EVERYTHING! Dari a pretty hand bouquet wedding to gifts for birthdays and grand openings. 

Lots of love ecahh,

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