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Zalora? What it is zalora? Who does not know zalora? What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Zalora? For the few years when the online shopping trend has been widespread, Zalora has being one of the leading online fashion stores that fulfills every man dan woman's fashion desiore in one place.

Are you one of those people who love reading article on online platforms and online magazines? If you are one of the individuals who love getting swiped away reading fun articles from various online platforms on the Internet or someone who simply loves to write exciting stories, you will definitely love to know that ZALORA has opened up the opportunity for you to become fashion bloggers at ZALORA. The Zalora Community is an platform where they gather the community consisting of passionate and knowledgeable writers who can cover topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and more to share with everyone.

Participating in this project will absolutely help you share your amazing ideas to a wide audience as ZALORA’s website has more than 3.7 million visitors since last March 2015. So now lets set yourself as one of the pioneers and social influencer for Zalora Malaysia Community. You can send your incredible idea for Zalora and be creative for cover various topics for men and women. Feel free to reach out them! Bring your creative juices to the table as Zalora Community Fashion Blogger and have fun when you growing together with the others okay! For those who feel that this is your calling, hurry and become a great writer by joining Zalora Community.

How to join Zalora Community? Easy and you can do it. If you are interested and cannot wait to join the community, check out what you need to do! Email to the Editor-in-Chief, Aini at with stories you have for specific category(s) and a brief (one paragraph) description of who you are and what kind of writing you do. Follow this stated format for the subject line: [COUNTRY] [CATEGORY] - [TITLE] – [AUTHOR NAME].

Besides that, write to them a brief description of your article idea (e.g. “400-word article on holiday) in the body of your email and also send along a couple of writing samples (if any). Beside that, keep your articles original and enticing for reader to enjoy! This is definitely the place for you to be your ownself and share amazing life with reader. They will decide if your article suits the style and so don’t be shy! Join the community today! You choice is always yours.

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  1. Zalora is more popular right now, as I know in my city, sosmed etc.

  2. Nice ecahh, Zalora Community Fashion Blogger tuuu ^____^
    keep it up.