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Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang, 

Well I was hanging out dengan some of my friends hari tu and ada la sorang nie citer about how everything is so convenient these days and makin lama makin banyak daily items are becoming more and more accessible online. Then they buka topic lak pasal buying printer cartridges online. He seemed quite impressed dengan this one E-tailer nie, Appletoner. So I checked them out la.

Interesting gak. Diorang jual both the original printing items and also compatible products for almost all of the mainstream printing brands yang ada kat market. Nak cari ink cartridges untuk Canon ada, nak cari ribbons pun ada, and even a few different Samsung printer types pun. Basically they focus more on the ink cartridges, offering both yang ori and yang uh.. Tak-ori. Thing is, they don’t actually jual fake products. The compatible printer cartridges yang diorang jual are not re-filled or remade nya items, but made by 3rd parties to meet the specifications and requirements of the intended printers. And they even guarantee the quality to match yang asli nya jugak. Confident benar.

They even stated it on their About Us page!

Diorang cover nationwide, and even offer next day delivery kalau within Klang Valley dan letak order before 2pm. Quite convenient for those yang tak nak have to keluar rumah semata-mata nak dapatkan some ink cartridges. Betul jugak la cakap member aku tue… makin lama makin banyak products that are becoming more and more accessible online. Menyenangkan kerja.

Jadi alang-alang I’m already here kat website diorang, I pun start cari la some printer cartridges untuk my Samsung printer. Dah lama jugak since I last tukar my printer ink and tak payah la nak tunggu sampai time nak print out and kehabisan pulak la kan. Yer tak?

I typed in my printer brand and type, and keluar a short list, covering both the compatible toner and also yang original nya. Mak aih… jauh beza pricing. The original nya price lebih kurang jugak la dengan market price tapi yang compatible nya tue around half lagi murah! Okay now I’m impressed. Keeping in mind that they offer 1 year nya warranty on all their products, so dengan senang hati nya I beli la yang compatible. Timing pun cantik since time I ordered tue was still pagi la.

So for you guys yang ada nak menyenangkan hidup, I recommend Appletoner. So far the ink cartridge yang I beli takde any kind of problems and I’m quite satisfied.
Lots of love ecahh,

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  1. oh wow. thanks for sharing then hehe ill check em out later hihi